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Who’s that Sleeping on My Sofabed

Published Date: July 20, 2012

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Sarah Kranz
7 X 10 inches


Yoni, the little boy in this story, is quickly outgrowing his own little bed. So, when his parents buy a big comfortable sofabed, Yoni thinks it’s the perfect place for him to sleep.

This book tells the story of Yoni who wants so much to sleep in the sofabed, but the guests his parents have invited are given the best treatment and that of course includes the best bed in the house, hidden inside tile new sofa.

Finally, Yoni does get his chance to stretch out and sleep on the big sofabed. But wait, who is that knocking at the door? Grandma has come and will be staying for the night. Will she have to sleep in Yoni’s little bed? See what Yoni has learned from the lessons his parents have taught him by example.

The mitzvah, commandment, of welcoming guests into one’s home is a very important concept in Judaism. In fact, the Talmud writes “welcoming guests is greater than welcoming G-d Himself.” In this charming picture book, a young child learns to value this important precept and honor a guest of his own in a very special way.


Who’s that Sleeping on My Sofabed?

By Ruby Grossblatt illustrated by Sara Kranz

ISBN: 978-1-945560-31-6

Softcover  Ages 3-6 / List Price $12.00


Available in paperback POD edition from Amazon.


Hardcover edition – Published September 1999; ISBN: 978-0-922613-90-8 / LCCN: 99-61438


Author Information

About the Author:


Who’s that Sleeping on my Sofabed? is Ruby Grossblatt’s second book for children.

Ruby, a grandmother, earned her BS from Towson State University. She taught, elementary and middle grade, English for twenty years. Ruby currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her family.

Illustrator Information

About the Artist:


Sarah Kranz studied at the Instituto Europeo di Designe in Milan, Italy at the Bezalel School in Jerusalem. She has been freelancing for clients in both Europe and the United States. Sarah currently resides in New York with her husband.


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