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Shimmy The Youngest

Published Date: January 1, 1995

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Aidel Backman
7 x 10 inches



Shimmy is the youngest in his family, and it seems like he always has to wait for everything. He’s the last one to sip from the kiddush cup on Friday night. He’s the last one to get his matzah at the Seder table.


The worst part is that he’s the first when it’s time to go to bed!


With his mother’s help, Shimmy begins to write poems about his feelings. Soon he’s learned a thing or two about being patient -and so will your child!


The simple, heartwarming text by Miriam Elias, and the cozy watercolor illustrations by Adel Backman combine to create a beautiful book for parents and children to share.


If you have a pre-schooler who hates to wait, Shimmy the Youngest is the book for you!







Shimmy the Youngest

Written by Miriam Elias and illustrated by Aidel Backman

ISBN: 978-0-922613-71-7 / LCCN: 94-77433

Hardcover 32 pages / Ages 2-5 / List Price $11.95

Publication Date; January 1995

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Miriam L. Elias is the author of many other books for children of all ages.


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