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The Illustrated Family Tehillim

Published Date: March 15, 2013

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Michoel Muchnik
Hebrew / English
7 x 10 inches


The Illustrated Family Tehillim is published by the ‘World Wide Tehillim Club.

For the first time ever, each perek of Tehillim is prefaced by a short paragraph consisting of a core message, background information, and historical context. In the page margins, “tidbits” with a wide range of information appeal to many different interests. These add depth and personal meaning to the recital of Tehillim, imbuing the reader with the insights into the inspiration with which King David wrote the book. This Tehillim truly makes the reciting of Tehillim more meaningful for anyone using this volume.
The many original “functionality” features in this Tehillim, including icons showing the “usage” of specific chapters e.g. prayer for the sick, to give thanks etc, make the meaning behind each chapter clear. The selected operational information including customs, pronunciations, meaning of selected words, the clear and easy-to-read Hebrew font and the clear markings to help locate chapters and verses, portions for the day of the month and portions for the day of the week all add to the readers enjoyable experience. This project, fueled by Mendel Raksin, for whom this edition is named, takes these familiar words and chapter by chapter, gives over inspiring messages clarified in plain terms for children and adults alike.
The information is culled from intensive research by Leah Perl-Schollar from the vast sea of our Sages and Commentators explanations. Edited by Elky Langer, they shed light on these timeless and powerful prayers, and have been selected to inspire and make Tehillim relevant to our lives.
Adding to the enjoyable experience Tehillim can now be, each page of this beautiful volume comes alive with original artwork by celebrated Chassidic artist Michoel Muchnik, depicting many of the themes that David sings of in Tehillim.
This edition will elevate the recital of Tehillim and make the experience more meaningful for readers of every age. Make the recital of Tehillim a part of your family time and benefit from the abundance of blessings it is said to bring. Now available in a Jewish book store near you, or online at;

Illustrator Information

About the artist:

Michoel Muchnik, among the foremost Jewish artists of our day, revolutionized Chassidic art generating a tremendous impact on Jewish life today. His imaginative and joyful depiction of traditional and mystical Jewish themes brought him critical acclaim and international prominence as a most beloved Jewish artist. Muchnik has staged exhibits of his original paintings, bas-relief mosaics and lithographs throughout the world. His originals have been displayed at the Brooklyn Museum, the Goldman Arts  Gallery in Washington, D.C., Yeshiva University Museum in New York, Dansforth Museum in Massachusetts, the Sydney Jewish Museum and the Sharei Tzedek Collection in Israel. Behrman House published a series of his original paintings for their gift edition of Pirkei Avos, “Sayings of The Fathers”. He recently created “The Treasured Land”, a 6’x24′ sculptural mural depicting the Land of Israel for the Jewish Children’s Museum in New York. He wrote and illustrated eight children’s books and provided cover illustrations for numerous other books and magazines including Hadassah. He is a sought after lecturer on Jewish art and mysticism.  Born in Philadelphia in 1952, Muchnik received his artistic training at Rhode Island School of Design. He later studied at the Rabbinical College of America, in Morristown, New Jersey. Muchnik lives in Brooklyn with his wife and children.

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