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More Precious than Gold – A Story of Inquisition Spain in the 1490’s

Published Date: July 23, 2012

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Eli Toron
5.5 x 8.5 inches


Sara’s parents will do anything to live and raise their children as Jews. In Spain during the 1490’s, that means leaving wealth, valuables and a comfortable life behind to set sail for the Ottoman Empire. Sara is reluctant to leave her familiar childhood home until she understands what her priorities really are. Will Sara be able to save her friend from the clutches of the Inquisition? Will she rescue a precious heirloom challah plate from the heartless Spanish soldiers? And will she ever be up to the challenge of baking a perfect challah all by herself?

Parents and teachers of new independent readers want short chapter books to fuel their child’s hunger for great reading material.  Hachai’s offering for fall is geared to children ages 7-10 who still need large, clear letters and an occasional illustration as they try out their skills.

Most importantly, More Precious than Gold is packed with Jewish historical content and detail about the expulsion from Spain in 1492 to make a child’s reading experience truly worthwhile.

It’s a story of adventure, sacrifice, and important Torah values of a family that chooses to leave behind all their wealth and the comfort of Spain in order to live in a country that will allow them to be fully, openly Jewish.


More Precious than Gold is a carefully researched and excitingly written page-turner especially for second through fourth graders eager to read quality material on their own.


More Precious than Gold.

Written by Evelyn Mizrahi Blatt with Eve Lyn Gardner

illustrated by Eli Toron

ISBN: 978-1-929628-10-0 / LCCN: 2002107921

Softcover / Pages 200 / Ages 7-10 / List price $12.95



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Once children can read on their own, they need short chapter books that have bright clear letters, well-placed illustration, and lots of excitement! Fun-to-Read Books are packed with adventure, humor, and all the Positive midos and mitzvos that discriminating parents and teachers have come to expect from Hachai publishing.

Author Information

About the Author:


Evelyn Mizrahi Blatt grew up in a Sephardic family whose surname was Mizrahi before it was translated to Eastern.  Her parents were born on the Island of Rhodes.  She taught middle school on Mercer Island for over 20 years.  She has two grown sons, Joel and Steve, a daughter-in-law, Ilana, and grandchildren. She enjoys reading, writing, and yoga.

Evelyn lives in Bellevue, and is the present keeper of the challah plate of More Precious than Gold.

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