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Marvelous Mix Up and other tales of Reb Shalom

Published Date: July 23, 2012

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Vitaliy Romanenko
5.5 x 8.5 inches



The wise and understanding Rabbi of Keppel is really put to the test! When the richest man in town won’t share a penny with anyone, when something mysterious is wrong with all the children, and when his hateful enemy sets to take revenge on the Jews – will Reb Shalom come to the rescue?


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Marvelous Mix Up and other tales of Reb Shalom

Written by Ruchama King Feuerman, illustrated by Vitaliy Romanenko

ISBN: 978-0-922613-86-1 / LCCN:97-74051

Softcover / Pages 112 / Ages 7-10 / List Price 12.95

Published October 1997

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About the Artist:


Vitaliy Romanenko was born in Russia.  He received his M.A. in Design at the St. Petersburg University of Art and Design.  Since immigrating to the United States with his family, Vitaliy has worked as a computer artist on graphic projects and has illustrated a number of books including Once Upon A Time and Way Too Much Challah Dough for Hachai Publishing.


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