Upside-Down Summer

Published Date: May 2, 2024

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Sarah Chyrek
5.5 x 8.5 inches


The Great Depression represents a fascinating and challenging historical period. To make history relatable to emergent readers, this book follows the changes that come into our young heroine’s life when everyone is struggling.

Sara is only ten, but she already knows that the Depression, with a capital D, means jobs and money are scarce. Since no one can afford new furniture, Papa has no customers at his shop, and Sara sees that Mama and Papa are worried. She needs her best friend, Etty, more than ever, but life is changing for the girls, too.


Sara knows that Hashem is in charge, but how will things every be good again?


About the Fun-to-Read Series:

Once children can read on their own, they need short chapter books that have bright, clear letters, well-placed illustrations, and lot of excitement! Fun-to-Read Books are packed with historical adventure, humor, and all the positive midos and mitzvos that discriminating parents and teachers have come to expect from Hachai Publishing.


Upside-Down Summer

By Libby Herz, illustrated by Sarah Chyrek

ISBN: 978-1-945560-81-1 / LCCN: 2023950508

Softcover 184 pages / Ages 7-10 / List Price $12.95

Publication Date; June 2024

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