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Published Date: May 2, 2023

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Jacky Yarhi
6 x 9


How can we encourage devotion to Torah and mitzvos in the children of today? As boys and girls begin to read on their own, they need early grade readers with large clear letters, helpful illustrations, and great messages of mesiras nefesh and courage.


Hidden details an incident in the life of the great Reb Yitzchak Zilber z”l, when he was imprisoned in a Russian work camp for refusing to tell on a fellow Jew. In the freezing cold forest, far away from his family, Reb Yitzchak had only one worry — How would he find a way to keep from working on Shabbos?

Geared for a mid to late second grade level, Hidden is the first book in Hachai’s new series, Junior Fun-to-Read Adventures.



Junior Fun-to-Read Adventures

Written by Rivkah Yudasin Illustrated by Jacky Yarhi

ISBN: 978-1-945560-66-8 / LCCN: 2022941936

Hardcover / 6 x 9 / Ages 6-7

List Price $ 15.95

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About the Artist: Jacky Yarhi was born in Paris, France, and now lives and works in Israel. He has published several comics in Hebrew and French for Jewish publications.


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