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Dov’s Mitzvah

Published Date: July 20, 2012

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Ariel Bauer
7 X 10 inches




Young children may wonder about the value of the “small” simple mitzvos they do every day.

In Dov’s Mitzvah, a truly wonderful chain of events begins with a small act of kindness performed by a young boy.  When Dov sees a rock in the middle of the sidewalk, he’s afraid someone will fall, so he moves it away.

It only takes a second, but the impact of Dov’s mitzvah grows and grows, as his example inspires others to perform more and more mitzvos of their own.

Dov may never know how his mitzvah affected the community around him, but your child will!

Fascinating, full color illustrations help bring the message home to children ages 3-6.


Dov’s Mitzvah

Written by Risa Rotman illustrated by Ariel Bauer

ISBN: 978-1-945560-27-9

Softcover/ 32 pages / Ages 3 – 6 / List Price $12.00


Available in paperback POD edition from Amazon.


Hardcover edition Published 2007; ISBN: 978-1-929628-36-0 / LCCN: 2007930696


Author Information

About the Author:


Born in the small Canadian city of Windsor, Ontario, Risa Rotman moved to Toronto for high school, and then attended seminary in Jerusalem. Her writing has been featured in various Jewish publications, including Hamodia, Bina, and Horizons Magazine. For the past twenty-one years, the author has lived and raised her family in Jerusalem. Dov’s Mitzvah is her first book for children.


Illustrator Information

About the Artist:


Ariel Bauer was born in 1968 in Argentina, and in 1989, he earned his degree in Graphic Design at Buenos AiresUniversity.  The artist has lived in Israel for the past six years, where he devotes his time to painting, illustration, and the study of the Torah.  This is Ariel’s first book for Hachai Publishing.




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