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Published Date: August 24, 2012

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Fayge Devorah Blau
7 X 10 inches



Lots of children have trouble falling asleep.  Sometimes, they lie awake in bed, listening to the noises around them and thinking their own thoughts.

In Bedtime, a little boy named Dovid finds himself in just such a situation.

Although he got ready for bed, said Shema, and had Mommy tuck him in, sleep just won’t come!

Could it be the splish splash of running water, the hum of the mixer or the sound of Mommy talking on the phone that is keeping Dovid awake?

Will it help to have a drink of water, his toy car, or one more bedtime song?   Finally, Mommy understands that her little boy is simply feeling lonely… and Dovid realizes Who is always with him!

The soft and dreamy pastel illustrations make Bedtime a comforting book to read before turning out the lights.




Written by Nechama Dina Adelman illustrated by Fayge Devorah Blau

ISBN: 978-1-945560-30-9

Softcover / Pages 28 / Ages 2-5 / List price $12.00


Available in paperback POD edition from Amazon.



Hardcover edition – Published September 2003; ISBN: 978-1-929628-12-9 / LCCN: 2003103374


Author Information

About the Author:


Nechama Dina Adelman began reading and writing at a very early age.  In the 7th grade, she already submitted her first manuscript for a children’s book!  Now, at only 19, she has realized her goal of becoming a published author.  Nechama Dina’s family resides in Amherst, Ma.

Illustrator Information

About the Artist:


Fayge Devorah Blau studied at the Art Students League in New York City and has since traveled around the world painting as she goes.  This is her first collaboration with Hachai Publishing.


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