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The Secret Tunnel

Published Date: July 23, 2012

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Joy Nelkin Wieder
5.5 x 8.5 inches



During the time of King Chizkiyahu, Sancheriv, the wicked King of Ashur, threatened to surround the city of Yerusalayim.  It seemed that many other cities had already fallen to Sancheriv, but the Prophet, Yishayahu, told the people to trust in Hashem.  The danger was: the powerful enemy could easily win by simply blocking off the water supply of the Jews.


Our story follows a fictional character, 11-year-old Yonatan, and his desire to help protect his family and his people.  The historical details of daily life and dramatic threat of the siege combine to create a suspenseful page-turner for children.


The Secret Tunnel features easy vocabulary, black and white illustrations, and short chapters designed for new readers eager to enjoy books independently.


The Secret Tunnel

Written & illustrated by Joy Nelkin Wieder

ISBN: 978-1-929628-11-7 / LCCN: 2004104451

Softcover / Pages 112 / Ages 7-10 / List price $12.95


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Joy graduated with honors from The School of Fine Arts of Washington in St. Louis and moved to New England.  Joy lives in suburban Boston along with her husband, three children, a cat and a dog.  Joy is also the author of The Great Potato Plan, another of Hachai’s Fun-To-Read historical adventures.

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