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The Key Under the Pillow – A Story about Honoring Parents

Published Date: July 23, 2012

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Harvey Klineman
7 X 10 inches


Storytelling World Awards Honor


In this classic tale of honoring one’s parents, Dama ben Nesina keeps his precious gems locked in a strong wooden chest near his father’s bed. When Dama has a chance to make a fortune, he realizes that the key to the chest is under his father’s pillow, and it is impossible to get the precious stones without waking him up.

Will Dama wake his father to get the key and make the sale of a lifetime?

How much must we do to honor our parents?

This important commandment is also one of the most difficult for children. What better way to inspire them with gratitude and respect for their mother and father than with the classic story of The Key Under the Pillow?

Dama is ultimately rewarded for his decision not to disturb his father and teaches us a second very important lesson, by keeping his word and agreement.

This graceful retelling of the famous tale from the Talmud is enhanced by richly colored illustrations.



The Key Under the Pillow – A Story about Honoring Parents

Written by Leah Perl Shollar, illustrated by Harvey Klineman

ISBN: 978-1-945560-24-8

Softcover / Pages 32 / Ages 3-6 / List price $12.00



Available in paperback POD edition from Amazon.


Hardcover edition – Published 2004: ISBN: 978-1-929628-16-2 / LCCN: 2003117063


Author Information

About the author:


Originally from Palo Alto, California, Leah Perl is a graduate of Beth Jacob of Denver, and now lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and children. Leah Perl teaches Jewish history and Chumash at a Jewish high school, as well as classes for adults on Women and Judaism. Leah Perl is an Agency for Jewish Learning Fellow and is pursuing a Masters of Science in Education. Writing is her creative outlet. Her first book for Hachai, A Thread of Kindness, was a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award, a Storytelling World Awards ‘Honor Book’, and an Association of Jewish Libraries ‘Notable Book’. In addition to her work with Hachai, Leah Perl has also written for Bread and Fire, an anthology on Jewish womanhood (to be published by Rivkah Slonim), as well as pieces for Babybug and Cricket Magazines.

Illustrator Information

About the illustrator:


Harvey Klineman was born in Cleveland, Ohio, where he learned at the Hebrew Academy and Yeshivath Adath Bnai Yisrael.  A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, he was trained in fine art as well as in design and illustration.  He has illustrated over twenty books for children, and designed and illustrated nearly 300 book jackets for many publishers.  He lives in Jerusalem, Israel with his wife and children.


“. . .an impressive retelling for young readers, of a classic Talmudic tale about honoring parents.” –  Midwest Book Review


“its explicit lesson is that honoring a parent. . .Brings its own reward.”  –  Ottawa Jewish Bulletin


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