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Shadow Play – A True Story of Tefillah

Published Date: July 22, 2012

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Pesach Gerber
10 x 8.5 inches



National Parenting Publications Honors Award


What is the best way to ensure that our prayers will be answered?  This age-old story of R’Abba Chilkiya, retold from original sources, reveals the secret.

When a terrible drought threatens Israel, two messengers approach the righteous man to ask him to pray for rain.  At first, the great man’s actions are a mystery, but at the end of this lively tale, both the messengers and the reader will appreciate all he has done.  Most important, they discover the key to powerful prayers for their own lives.

Skillful illustrations and warm colors dramatically portray the desert atmosphere of the drought-ridden land.





Shadow Play:  A True Story of Tefillah

Written by Leah Pearl Shollar, illustrated by Pesach Gerber

ISBN: 978-1-929628-21-6  LCCN: 2005928730

Hardcover / Ages 4-7 / List Price $11.95


Published 2006

Author Information

About the author:


Originally from Palo Alto, California, Leah Perl is a graduate of Beth Jacob of Denver, and now lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband and children. Leah Perl teaches Jewish history and Chumash at a Jewish high school, as well as classes for adults on Women and Judaism. Leah Perl is an Agency for Jewish Learning Fellow and is pursuing a Masters of Science in Education. Writing is her creative outlet. Her first book for Hachai, A Thread of Kindness, was a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award, a Storytelling World Awards ‘Honor Book’, and an Association of Jewish Libraries ‘Notable Book’. In addition to her work with Hachai, Leah Perl has also written for Bread and Fire, an anthology on Jewish womanhood (to be published by Rivkah Slonim), as well as pieces for Babybug and Cricket Magazines.

Illustrator Information

About the Artist:


Perren (Pesach) Gerber attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts after high school and the School of Visual Arts in New York City after his time in the Service. He has worked as an engineer, draftsman, cartoonist, illustrator, exhibit/display designer and manufacturer, commercial sculptor and collectible designer- artist.

To illustrate Nine Spoons, the artist envisioned the lights as faith burning through the darkness of time.

Mr. Gerber has a son living in Boulder, Colorado, a daughter living in Chicago, and a stepdaughter in Austin, Texas. The artist lived in Grayson, Georgia.


“… interesting and thought-provoking.”  School Library Journal


“Simple and well told, with clear illustrations that young children will appreciate.”  AJL Newsletter


“The gentle color illustrations complement this ancient and respectfully told tale in honor of the powers of faith and kindness.”  Midwest Book Review

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