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Red, Blue and Yellow Yarn – A Tale of Forgiveness

Published Date: July 23, 2012

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Valeri Gorbachev
7 x 10 inches



Donny isn’t sure what Grandma thinks of him…she is so proper and his behavior is far from perfect. Yet, when Donny gets tangled up in some trouble, Grandma reveals the secret that all Grandmothers and grandchildren share. This warm tale of inter-generational love is complimented by whimsical full-color drawings!




Red, Blue and Yellow Yarn – A Tale of Forgiveness

Written by Miriam Kosman, illustrated by Valeri Gorbachev

ISBN:  978-1-945560-46-0

Softcover / Pages 32 / Ages 3-6 / List price $12.00


Available in paperback POD edition from Amazon.


Hardcover – Published September 1996; ISBN: 978-0-922613-78-6 / LCCN: 95-079439


Author Information

About the Author:


Miriam Kosman is an international lecturer for Nefesh Yehudi, a program that offers classes on Jewish thought and philosophy to Israeli university students. In that capacity she teaches a few hundred students a week, who study at Tel Aviv University, Haifa University, Ben Gurion University, the Technion and others.
She also runs a year-long course on Jewish thought that has been attended by hundreds of women. She is a doctoral candidate at Bar Ilan University; her dissertation topic touches on both Jewish philosophy and gender.
Miriam wrote several Jewish children’s books in her younger years, before turning her focus to the study of gender in Judaism.
She lives in Bnei Brak, Israel, with her family.

Illustrator Information

About the Artist:


Valeri Gorbachev is the author and illustrator of a number of children’s books, both in the United States and Europe, including Chicken, Chickens Go To School and Little Bunny’s Sleepless NightOriginally from the Ukraine, Valeri and now lives in Brooklyn, New York.


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