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My First Baal Shem Tov Book

Published Date: August 19, 2020

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Mira Simon
7 x 10 inches


Young children face their fears daily… fear of the dark, fear of going too high on the swing, fear of loud noises or of going to sleep in their own room. What better way to calm and reassure the children in your life than with a true story of one of our greatest leaders and teachers?

My First Baal Shem Tov Book contains a sweet refrain and gorgeous illustrations that tell the story of young Yisrolik, a small boy just around their age. Yisrolik’s father imparted a message to his only son that he spread far and wide… a message that informed his entire life and that inspires others to this very day:

“I won’t be scared. Oh, no, I won’t! Hashem is always near.
I know Hashem is with me, and there’s nothing else to fear.”

The gentle comfort and encouragement in this lovely picture book will help bolster the confidence of children who need that helping hand to try new things and to conquer their fears. Laminated pages protect a book that boys and girls will want to hear and to look at over and over again.


My First Baal Shem Tov Book

By Yosef Kaufmann illustrated by Mira Simon

ISBN: 9781945560392 / LCCN 2020935327

Hardcover / 7 x 10 / Laminated pages / Ages 2-5 / List Price $11.95



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