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Whatever the Weather

Published Date: August 27, 2012

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Emily Owens


In this action-packed picture book, a young boy enjoys doing things with his family… Whatever the Weather!


All through the year, he thanks Hashem for sunny mornings in his pool, rainy days with puddles to jump in, snowy afternoons outdoors, and windy days in the park!


The colorful illustrations and bouncy rhymes will keep children turning pages to discover what fun is in store.  And more importantly, boys and girls will develop a new appreciation for the value of the weather Hashem gives us.  Snow and rain nourish the earth and its creatures, the sun provides warmth and light, and the wind blows seeds to new places where they can start to grow.


We can have fun and do so much, Whatever the Weather!



Author Information

About the author:

Shainy Peysin is a mother and educator in Brooklyn, NY. She believes that education comes easily through stories and experience. She enjoys writing and walking in the rain!

Artist Information

About the artist:

Originally from Los Angeles, Emily has been creating illustrations and storyboards for years, with her work appearing in print, television, and digital media.  She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and daughters.


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